Kingmaker - Path to Glory

A Stranger in a Strange Land
Dresden arrives at Oleg's.

After some trouble with bandits and losing all of his gold to a pickpocket while travelling through the River Kingdoms, Dresden arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post. He is warmly greeted by Svetlana Leveton who fetches him a bowl of stew to eat. She gives an appology because she can only serve him water. A half-elf by the name of Kriger Lanliss Nacht has drained their entire stock of alcohol. Dresden also notices another member of his party, Sajna, meditating by herself.

A Message Received
Dresden receives his charter and begins a new adventure.

While camping in the wilderness, a stranger approaches Dresden on horseback. The stranger’s arrival awakens him from his slumber and he rises to make a greeting. The Taldan woman reveals herself to be a messenger from Restov and with annoyance in her voice explains that she has been searching for him for three days to deliver a letter. She hands the letter to him and departs without so much as a goodbye. Sitting by the smoldering remains of the fire he had built the night before, Dresden reads the charter as well as the message from Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius written on the back. He decides to accept the charter and travel to Oleg’s Trading Post.


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